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Measurable Impact

Our proprietary survey tools, including our signature 360° survey, are mapped to industry benchmarks for high performing managers and teams, providing insight into your people leaders’ current strengths and identifying targeted opportunities for improvement that are measured and evaluated over time.

The results speak for themselves…


Our clients see a 33% increase across key leadership best practices associated with high performance after 90 days of coaching.


Pinpoint the areas your people leaders need help with most using our 360º Surveys

How well do your people leaders understand their leadership strengths and growth areas?

Our robust and pragmatic 360 Survey quickly pinpoints your managers’ strengths and areas for development. These instructive insights are used to build a personalized program for leadership success that serves as the foundation for 1:1 coaching and continuously reinforced e-learning.

Best Practices & Key Behaviors

Mapped to industry best practices and key behaviors from leading sources such as Google Projects Oxygen and Aristotle, Gallup, Harvard Business School, and more.

Practical Feedback

Provides managers with practical feedback from peers and team members on their performance as leaders.

Actionable Insights

Provides HR/People Operations teams with the real-time data and actionable insights needed to support the development of all your people leaders.


Measure the growth of your managers in real time

Our Insights Dashboard provides instant access to aggregated organizational trends and real-time progress tracking to help identify opportunities for further growth and highlight achievements.

The dashboard, which is derived from our 360 survey data sets, helps you to identify exactly where your people leaders are today and where they need to grow.

Follow up surveys allow you to track your managers' progress against proven benchmarks for successful leadership over time.


Learning in the flow of work has never been easier

At BetterManager, we know that the most effective learning occurs within the flow of work, and we’ve designed our platform accordingly. A thoughtful progression of asynchronous assignments preceding and/or following instruction helps to reinforce and maximize the impact of coaching and training.

five star review

BetterManager is the partner we wish we had years ago.

The coaching meets our leaders and managers where they are. I've found that BetterManager has a rigorous vetting process, high bar and training program that ensures a consistent experience for any leader we put in. Their leadership team is heavily involved and invested. It's inspiring.

James B.

Head of Learning and Development at Yelp
five star review

BetterManager has made me a better manager.

My coach was amazing. I was able to immediately develop trust and rapport. BetterManager has the strongest follow-up and its simple design allowed for us to spend our time engaged in meaningful discussions.

Kimberly O.

Sr. Manager, Investigations and Quality Assurance
five star review

I am leading with more confidence, clarity, and purpose. 

The personal attention and care that my manager gave to my goals, growth, and interests. She really helped me transform and grow and brought a lot of clarity and understanding to me by asking me to consider things I wouldn't ordinarily pause to think about. "

Lydia B.

Sr. Art Director at SurveyMonkey
five star review

I couldn’t be happier.

BetterManager coaches are professional, highly qualified and engaged me easily, which are some of the comments we've been hearing from our participants. My experience as the program manager has been wonderful. 

Lori H.

Team Leader at University of Rhode Island CEPS Office of Strategic Initiatives
five star review

Amazing Experience with measurable results!

I really enjoyed my experience with my coach Karen. The coaching is very personalized and I appreciate that my coach got to know me both as a person and as a professional.

Latasha H.

Manager Client Success at Eargo
five star review

These people understand the work life. 

I loved the BetterManager training & coaching program. These people understand the work life. The trainers were phenomenal and I'm very thankful for the support; this training and coaching filled the gap. More people should have access to this.

Adizde M.

Strategic Sourcing Manager at Danby
five star review

BetterManager helped me identify a personal weakness and provided the guidance to improve.

I have increased the number of group meetings that I hold with my team, more frequently interact with team members, and have made a conscious effort to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions.  

Adam S.

Engineering Supervisor at General Dynamics Electric Boat
five star review

Personally, it has been a game changer for me.

 I just loved the sessions which were not too preachy, but helped you to strengthen your core by identifying your values, identifying your communication style, identifying your saboteurs and helping understand who you truly are. 

Vibhor S.

VP of Engineering at Chegg
five star review

A fantastic experience for me.

It's given me a clear view of what I need to do both in my personal and professional life.  I've worked on a stronger connection to my personal values, and throughout our session the guidance and coaching has been exactly what I needed during this pretty tumultuous time in the world.

David K.

Strategic Partner Development Manager EMEA at Dropbox
five star review

BetterManager has by far been the best executive coaching program I've ever attended.

I'm learning to ask and not assume. I'm also learning to not take things personally at work - knowing everyone is doing what they think is right. I am becoming better at managing up. I have consciously curtailed using the word "should" and have started asking more 'what' questions. 

Archit G.

five star review

I would highly recommend BetterManager to any aspiring leaders out there!

My coach encouraged me to identify my strengths and adapt my leadership style so it's authentic to me. She helped me to motivate and empower my team, allowing me to step away from the details. This has freed up so much time and headspace, meaning I can have a more strategic focus.

Lucy B. 

Associate Director at RuderFinn
five star review

A remarkable educational and professional experience. 

Their professionalism have enabled me to acquire a sound knowledge and understanding of leadership practices and performance evaluation methods. My major takeaway is learning how to ask less "why" questions and focus more on developing a vision and strategy together with my team.

Ivelina P.

Academic Operations Manager, Nevada State College
five star review

This has been a great experience. 

The mentor I worked with, Will, and I ended up having a great connection. He could see in me great passion and care for my role as a leader. These were things I have had trouble identifying and truly believing. Given the opportunity I would love to work with him again.

Joseph Y.

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