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Lisa Lanier

Lisa Lanier

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Lisa is an Executive Coach who brings a passion for coaching leaders and teams who are growing, evolving, and creating new paths to success.  As a former C-suite executive, Lisa has led a number of successful strategic initiatives including product launches, acquisition integrations, large-scale transformations, and disruptive organizational change.  She brings expertise working globally with leaders and their teams in Fortune 500 companies across various industries including CPG, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, service, and technology. Lisa has a track record of helping teams to find and drive business growth, capitalize on untapped client and market potential, expand client relationships, and unlock new revenue streams.  

Lisa is committed to coaching leaders as they work through difficult challenges, take on organizational and cultural change, define their vision and strategy, build and develop high performing teams, and as they grow in their own role as a leader.  Clients describe Lisa as warm, intuitive, and caring--but also as someone who will absolutely hold you accountable.   Lisa has 20+ years of experience in the marketing intelligence industry, working globally with clients in the innovation and branding space, developing GTM and client engagement strategies, building global partnerships, and always looking through the lens of a defined vision and strategy.  

Lisa is a certified Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute and is also certified by the International Coach Federation.  As a Change Management professional, she is both PROSCI and CCMP certified, and experienced in all aspects of change management. Lisa is based in the Chicago area.