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Cultivating Gratitude in Leadership: Insights from Star Dargin's Journey (Ep. #84)

Wendy Hanson
Cultivating Gratitude in Leadership: Insights from Star Dargin's Journey (Ep. #84)

Cultivating Gratitude in Leadership: Insights from Star Dargin's Journey (Ep. #84)

Welcome to another insightful episode of "Building Better Managers," the podcast hosted by Wendy Hanson. In today's engaging conversation, Wendy welcomes a special guest, Star Dargin, a seasoned coach and expert in the field of gratitude. Join Wendy and Star as they explore the remarkable impact of gratitude on workplace culture and leadership.

Star Dargin, a professional coach with extensive experience and a deep passion for gratitude, shares her remarkable journey. She explains how her personal gratitude practice transformed her life and business, highlighting the profound effects it had on her perspective during a challenging period. Star's journey ultimately led her to explore the intersection of gratitude and business, where she discovered its immense potential.

In this episode, you'll gain insights into the neuroscience of gratitude, understanding how it shifts our brain from survival mode to one of open engagement, curiosity, and positivity. Wendy and Star discuss the transformative power of gratitude in creating a culture of compassion, recognition, and appreciation at work.

Meet Star Dargin:

  • Star is an accomplished author, having written "Leading with Gratitude" and numerous articles for Forbes, and she's set to release her next book in 2024, addressing the challenges of gratitude in modern workplaces.
  • As the founder of Star Leadership LLC, Star is dedicated to promoting gratitude's profound impact on leadership and organizational success.
  • With a rich background in coaching, delivering engaging workshops, and conducting extensive research on gratitude, Star is passionate about helping leaders and companies create thriving workplaces through the power of appreciation. 
Episode Transcript
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