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Enjoying Your Space As You Shelter-in-Place

Chris Ranney
Enjoying Your Space

Enjoying Your "Place" As You Shelter-in-Place!

Ok, you just got word from your employer and the CDC that working from home will last at least another 30-60 days… or more...

If you are one of the many in this position, now is the time to set up a space that is reasonably well equipped, comfortable and conducive to getting your work done. With a lot of COVID-19 articles out there right now, let's cut to the chase with some common sense ideas that are working right now for coaching clients, colleagues and me.

  • Put up a few nice pictures or art pieces on your walls. Especially in the background behind you for when you’re on video calls. (It really does make a difference.)
  • Get the right printer, scanner, and other equipment or supplies you need to be efficient. No need to run around all over the place to get stuff done. It is definitely worth checking with your employer to see if they allow office equipment reimbursement during this time.
  • Clean up the room. Get rid of excess folders, furniture, boxes or other items that will get in your way.
  • For you pet lovers, set up a spot for your dog, cat, bird or whatever you have, to join in the fun. Full disclosure: I have a 100 lb. lab and he loves hanging out in my office!
  • Flowers, plants and other nice smelling things will help, too.
  • Put a clock on the wall! Remember those round things with “hands” that point to numbers? A good old-fashioned time management tool.
  • Depending on your location, let some natural light in to remind you what time of day it is. For city dwellers in apartments, this can be a real issue.
  • Once it’s all set up, rehearse a few conference calls to make sure everything looks good from the caller’s perspective. As you have probably seen on the news lately, some commentators have really good set ups, while some are pretty bad!

Have fun with this, enjoy the process and remember… we will get through this! Stay safe and healthy.


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Chris Ranney is a BetterMananger Executive Coach and has worked with C-Level Executives, Executive Directors, Senior Management Teams and Business Owners. With dual careers in the fields of psychology and financial planning, he has long had a passion for helping others succeed, thrive and meet life’s challenges head on.

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