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Mastering the Art of Communication with Susan Freeman (Ep. #82)

Wendy Hanson
Mastering the Art of Communication with Susan Freeman (Ep. #82)

Mastering the Art of Communication with Susan Freeman (Ep. #82)

Welcome to "Building Better Managers," hosted by Wendy Hanson. In today's episode, we're privileged to have a thought-provoking conversation with Susan Freeman MBA PCC, a seasoned executive coach, team coach, author, and leadership consultant. Our focus today is on the profound impact of communication in leadership and how internal energy plays a pivotal role in transforming working relationships.

Susan's unique perspective, drawn from over three decades of corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit experience, offers a fresh take on leadership development. Her recent book, "Interswitch: Seven Timeless Principles to Transform Modern Leadership," is a testament to her innovative approach, integrating Eastern wisdom from her extensive yoga and yogic philosophy studies.

For those striving to be visionary leaders or seeking to create a more connected, compassionate, and effective workplace, this episode is a valuable resource. Join us as we dive deep into the heart of leadership transformation, and welcome Susan Freeman, as she shares her insights, wisdom, and inspiring journey on this episode of "Building Better Managers."

Meet Susan

  • Experienced Leadership Development Consultant: Leveraging her MBA and professional coaching certifications, Susan S. Freeman empowers entrepreneurs and investors with valuable insights, fostering leadership skills that drive success.
  • Expert Team Coach: With a passion for cultivating high-performing teams, Susan guides curious leaders, helping them harness the collective potential of their teams and achieve remarkable results.
  • Author and Dynamic Speaker: Susan is not only a respected author but also an engaging speaker, sharing her wisdom on leadership, coaching, and unleashing the potential of individuals and businesses.

Episode Transcript
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