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Meg Bear: The Age of Human Experience Management (HXM) (Ep. #8)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 8 - Meg Bear

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #8: HXM - The Age of Human Experience Management

50% of people leave their jobs voluntarily because they were dissatisfied with their managers. 70% of anyone's engagement can be attributed to their manager. Yet in this age of digital transformation, many organizations cling to outdated ideas and HR procedures that fail to address the problems.

SAP is ushering in the next generation of how work happens and how businesses can help individuals become part of the process. When we think about what we need to provide for employees and workers in our businesses today, it's not just the HR pieces - it's not just about payroll, it's not just about benefits, it's not just about performance reviews or recruiting or learning.

The workforce of the future is about adaptability, it's about growth, it's about being able to thrive in this changing world that we live in.

In this episode, you'll learn:

What is Human Experience Management (HXM)?

  • The last 20+ years of Human Capital Management and why it needs to evolve.
  • HXM - Putting people at the center of work.
  • When we understand what makes business successful, it's the people. We believe that technology has a very important part to play, but it's not exclusively about technology.
  • The future workforce: adaptability, embracing and supporting change, and focus on human factors

New Problems with a Distributed Workforce

  • The challenges from the shift away from in-person interactions.
  • Mirror Neurons, different cultures, different time zones and more.

Tools and Technology Solutions

  • Providing tools for managers to get more cues so they can stay connected and ask better questions.
  • SAP's use of Qualtrics for feedback, and the importance of both micro and macro surveys.

Learn-It-All Culture vs Know-It-All Culture

  • Evolving the relationship of the manager and employee to be co-creating business and work outputs, as opposed to a very top-down process.

The Changing Role of HR Business Partners

  • HR Business Partners used to be responsible for a lot of back office operational stuff.
  • Today, they're much more responsible for being a partner to the leaders in an organization.
  • They now provide insights and guidance to managers to both what are the opportunities available within the company and resources to take advantage of those opportunities.

Adaptability & Changing Career Paths

  • Career paths used to be a "ladder," but are now more like a "wall" - sometimes you climb up, but other times you have to climb OVER and then up.
  • The skills necessary to be effective are continually growing.
  • Most specific skill sets have shorter lifespans than ever.
  • The need for lifelong learning.

Empathy as the Primary Skill of the 21st Century

  • Treating people as individuals in order to get the maximum results.
  • Seeing problems as growth opportunities: the better that you are at change, at motivating yourself and others, the better your results are going to be.

The Value of Gratitude & Appreciation

  • Despite not costing anything, manager still don't use it enough.
  • Tying gratitude closely to the person, but it also leaving room for growth.

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About Meg Bear

Meg Bear is the Head of Product for SAP SuccessFactors overseeing product management, product strategy and product advisory.  Prior to SAP, Meg held strategic executive roles as SVP, Product and Engineering, at Juvo, SVP of Cloud Services at Imperva, GVP Social Cloud and VP HCM development at Oracle, as well as HCM leadership positions at PeopleSoft and Saba.

With more than 25 years building and scaling technology platforms, Meg brings a wealth of software development lifecycle, market and innovation expertise. She is a patent holder, change agent, startup advisor, keynote speaker, and a TEDx host. Meg is passionate about applying technology to solve business problems, building and growing teams, and defining market winning product strategies that are customer centric and innovative. Meg holds a bachelor’s of science in economics and entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona.

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