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John Kalinowski

John Kalinowski

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John Kalinowski, ACC, is an accomplished Leadership & Development Coach, speaker, and writer. John has coached leaders and executives in various industries and organizations around the world, including advertising, media, healthcare, technology, finance, fashion, and non-profit. He works with clients to develop leadership strategies that enable them and their teams to be more effective, productive, and empowered.

John’s style of coaching is engaging and direct, while also employing a blend of tension and humor to explore solutions and areas for growth. He has a passion for strategy and problem solving, and specializes in helping leaders and managers enhance their self-awareness as a means to more skillfully navigate their leadership and management challenges. John provides ample insight and accountability, enabling his clients to lead and coach their employees to build a more positive and efficient team culture.

John also gives talks on emotionally intelligent leadership and is involved in local community-based non-profits and organizations that support LGBTQ causes.

John is a Certified Coach through New York University, and is based in New York City.