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Bring alignment in your approach to leadership and learning across your entire organization

At BetterManager, we make it easy to reach large groups across your organization with critical training concepts and leadership principles.

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At BetterManager, we make it easy to reach large groups across your organization with critical training concepts and leadership principles.

BetterManager's Large Virtual Workplace Learning Events offer:

  • Wide-array of critical workplace topics: Ranging from Leading Hybrid Teams and Beating Burnout to Career Development
  • Highly interactive setting: Participants engage in both individual and large group activities and exercise, group decisions, breakout sessions and action planning.
  • Pre-session activities and extended learning support: To establish a foundation of learning that continues through and beyond the program
  • Engaging and personalized learning experience for your entire organization: We can help you to level-set across your organization - no matter the size of your enterprise.

Leading Cohesive & Collaborative Hybrid Teams


Inspired by Start With Why and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this session creates a practical framework for bringing our teams together in a cohesive and collaborative way:

  • Explore critical leadership skills that promote a thriving hybrid work environment
  • Define and unite your teams through shared purpose
  • Differentiate the impact of cooperative vs. collaborative team environments
  • Build collaborative mindsets across teams and the organization
  • Create connection between leadership strategies and a work environment that fosters inclusion and psychological safety

Beating Burnout & Rising From the Ashes


This 90-minute, highly interactive program supports leaders in identifying and understanding their own burnout-risk scenarios and develops leadership and coaching skills to support their team members in identifying and addressing their own burnout-risk scenarios.

Inside this session, participants will:

  • Gain awareness of the multi-dimensional causes of burnout
  • Evaluate stress levels and identify signs of burnout
  • Discover factors which prevent the effective management of at-risk burnout scenarios
  • Recognize at-risk burnout scenarios within the work environment
  • Create a 3-step personalized action plan for addressing at-risk burnout scenarios
  • Develop strategies to support and engage team members in identifying and addressing at-risk scenarios

Leading Through Change: Communication Strategies that Motivate & Inspire


Whether change is happening on an organizational, team or individual level, this 90-minute, power-packed session will equip you with communication strategies that motivate and inspire:

  • Discover the psychological impact of change and why critical to address it
  • Explore a conversation framework designed to move everyday conversations from exploration of challenges to moving forward with change
  • Spark connection between who we are, what we do and the ‘big picture’ of change
  • Communicate strategies designed to cultivate continued progress and growth
Ensure that critical learning reaches large audiences across your organization in a meaningful and engaging way.
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