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Allison Tabor: Stop Working So Hard (Ep.#7)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 7 - Allison Tabor

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #7: Stop Working So Hard!

Business owners, executives, and managers are simply ready to stop working harder and harder. Go on a journey to “embrace your suck,” leverage your natural talents, and start living your best life with ease.

Join us if you are ready to work your ASSets off and stop working so hard in business and in life!

In this episode, you'll learn:

Work Your ASSets Off

  • The inspiration behind Allison's latest book.
  • Why it seems like some work so hard and it comes so easy to others.

"Embrace Your Suck" - Focus on Your Strengths

  • Work on your weaknesses? Or go with your strengths?
  • Billions of dollars are spent on books trying to help us improve our weaknesses, yet low levels of joy, satisfaction and engagement are still major challenges in the workplace.
  • Learn this lesson from jazz clubs: the band is better when focusing on each other's strengths!

How I Easy When You Know Your Why

  • Success comes when what you want is aligned with why you want it.

Slow Down to Move Fast

  • The importance of taking time to reflect

Should Your Really Treat People the Way You Want to Be Treated?

  • The problem with taking the adage too far.
  • Using the DISC survey to identify and work with other's communication styles.
  • Productivity gains from taking this proactive approach.

The Flower Exercise

  • Powerful self-awareness: Identifying and understanding you values and preferences.

Mindset & Gratitude

  • Effective ways of expressing your gratitude.

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About Allison Tabor

Allison Tabor is the owner of Coppia Advisory, a successful executive coaching and consulting business. Allison helps business owners, executives, and their teams in the areas of leadership, interpersonal communication, and strategic planning. She also facilitates for the International Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), leading two peer advisory groups of Bay Area multi-million dollar entrepreneurial women presidents and CEOs. Additionally, she is a group leader for ProVisors, a community of professionals who serve their clients as trusted advisors and share the highest standards of integrity, performance and accountability.

Episode Transcript
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