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Chuck Salzman: How Leaders Respond in a Crisis (Ep. #16)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 16 - Chuck Salzman

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #16:  How Leaders Respond in a Crisis

Strong leadership is essential right now when it’s so challenging around the globe. Chuck Salzman joins us to talk about how Peerless Beverage quickly shifted its mission from “vision and values” to safety first and operating the business second.

In this episode:

Meet Chuck Salzman

  • Bio & Background
  • Peerless Beverage History and Current Market Situation

Pivoting in a Crisis

  • Pivoting their mission from "Vision & Values" to "Safety First and Operating the Business Second"
  • Changing the way they communicate
  • Using Video Conferencing to maintain your culture
  • Optimizing check-in times

Creating New Opportunities

  • Prioritizing Teamwork and putting people first
  • Being prepared for the next crisis
  • Supporting remote work opportunities
  • Creating temporary positions to keep people working

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Chuck Salzman

Chuck Salzman is the President at Peerless Beverage Company.

Peerless Beverage Company, a family-owned business since 1933, is heading into its eighty-fourth year, led by third-generation Scott Beim and Chuck Salzman.

Episode Transcript
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