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Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation: Insights from Wendy Hanson (Ep. #83)

Wendy Hanson
Building Better Managers, Insights from our host: Wendy Hanson

Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation: Insights from Wendy Hanson (Ep. #83)

Welcome to Building Better Managers, the podcast that explores the important work of managers, hosted by Wendy Hanson. In this episode, Wendy takes center stage to discuss one of her favorite topics: gratitude, recognition, and appreciation. Join her as she delves into the heart of these essential values and their impact on creating a thriving workplace culture.

Meet Wendy Hanson, co-founder of Better Manager. She's not only a seasoned coach and educator but also a firm advocate for creating a positive workplace environment. Wendy wears many hats, and one of her most important roles is being the Chief of Culture and Community at Better Manager. This episode gives you an inside look into her passion and commitment to fostering growth, camaraderie, and appreciation.

In this special solo episode, Wendy shares the captivating story of how Better Manager's journey began back in 2017. It all started with their coaching team – a tight-knit community where gratitude, recognition, and appreciation were at the core. Over time, these values spread like wildfire, infusing the entire company with a spirit of mutual support and celebration. Wendy's storytelling style takes you behind the scenes, revealing the heartwarming impact these values have had on Better Manager's incredible journey.

Meet Wendy Hanson

  • Leading Leadership Coach: Wendy Hanson, co-founder of Better Manager, excels as a leadership coach. Her focus on growth, management skills, and team appreciation drives her impact.
  • Chief of Culture & Community: Wendy leads as Chief of Culture & Community at Better Manager, shaping collaborative workplaces through strategic insights.
  • Gratitude Advocate: Wendy champions gratitude and recognition's impact on engagement and productivity. Her influence is felt through dynamic narratives and unwavering advocacy.

Episode Transcript
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