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Daniel Irwin: Coaching Strategies for Sales Leaders (Ep. #9)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 9 - Daniel Irwin

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #9: Coaching Strategies for Sales Leaders

Your Sales Enablement program starts with things like collateral, presentations and training. But great sales leaders know how to coach the behaviors that get results. Feedback, accountability, and psychological safety keep your Top Performers performing.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Meet Daniel Irwin

  • Bio & Background
  • Why Sales?

How Coaching Influences Leadership Style

  • New Manager Problem
  • Authoritarian Leadership Issues
  • The Coaching Approach for Leadership

The Importance of Relationship Building

  • Team Member Needs, Wants and Goals
  • Connection on a Personal Level
  • One-On-Ones

Understanding the "Why"

  • Direct Reports
  • Prospects and Clients

Feedback & Accountability

  • Differences in feedback: Managers & Direct Reports

Creating a Highly Collaborative Work Environment

  • Results instread of "Judging"
  • Keeping your Top Performers challenged and fulfilled

Breaking Through Walls in Conversations

How to Regain Confidence When Numbers Are Lagging

  • A) Understanding what you're doing differently from a coaching perspective
  • B) Finding ways with your personal relationships to get those little boosts of satisfaction that you would typically get from helping somebody close revenue.

Keep Learning!

  • Great ideas often come from outside of your specific field.

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About Daniel Irwin

Dan is a Phoenix native, attended college in Boston, and has been back in Arizona since 2010. He began his professional career at Yelp where he started as a sales rep and worked his way up to sales director. As a director, he had about 150 reports between managers and sales reps, and held a director position for 4+ years before moving to BuildZoom as their Head of Sales last summer.

Episode Transcript
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