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Daren Jennings: Living Your Best Sales Culture (Ep.#4)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 4 - Daren Jennings

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #4: Living Your Best Culture as a Sales Leader

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." ~ Peter Drucker

Sales teams worldwide are experiencing tremendous challenges with recruiting, training, performance and retention of top sales talent. The days of managing sales teams via angry demands, spreadsheets, pipeline reports, and mechanical bonus structures are waning as top talent gravitates toward situations that promote career development, engagement, and the best working conditions they can find.

BetterManager co-founder Wendy Hanson and Daren Jennings, VP of Sales at Interact, present a deep dive into the ideas and elements behind his amazing, high-performing sales culture.

In this episode, they discuss:

Meet Daren Jennings

  • From "Accidental Salesman" to Sales Leadership
  • The popular idea of the "toxic", "hyper-competitive" sales environment and the failure of the "Glengarry Glen Ross" approach
  • Creating a thriving culture of teamwork, integrity and "delighting the customer"

"Ultimately, nobody wants to take a job in any career to be mediocre."

  • People want to be successful, but they can't do it alone.
  • It's easy to lose a deal by yourself, but very difficult to win one that way!

How to Support Remote Teams

  • The importance of establishing a communication cadence
  • The right kind of regular meetings
  • Asynchronous communications strategies for problem solving and idea sharing
  • The limitations of Email
  • The importance of bringing people face-to-face periodically

Onboarding New Staff

  • The importance of the two weeks before starting and the first two weeks on the job
  • Welcoming new employees by "clapping them in" and other things to make the first days special
  • Care Packages for new remote team members

The 360° Assessment - The Value of Feedback

  • How to cut through leaders being their own harshest critics
  • Feedback from superiors and direct reports
  • You don't have to be involved in every problem: Allowing the team to work it out

How to Have Meetings that Matter

  • Getting better engagement and contributions out of your meetings
  • Strategies to bring out hidden problems

Using Peer Mentors to Increase Engagement and Foster Teamwork

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About Daren Jennings

Daren is the VP of Sales for Interact, a global provider of collaborative Digital Workplace software and consulting for enterprises. A self-described “accidental sales guy,” he is now in the 20th year of his ‘temporary’ sales career.  More than anything, he likes helping people figure out a way to solve problems, so B2B sales is actually a good fit. He divides his time between New York and Rhode Island, where he lives with his wife, two children, and old beagle named Bijou.

Episode Transcript
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