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Dr. Dave Schramm: Are Family Fundamentals The Secret Sauce to Booming Business? (Ep. #12)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 12 - Dr. Dave Schramm

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #12: Are Family Fundamentals The Secret Sauce to Booming Business?

It’s no coincidence that the same group dynamics that make great families also make great business cultures! Dr. Dave Schramm shows us how the three elements of Physical and Emotional Safety, Satisfaction and Connection are the “secret sauce” to success.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Meet Dr. Dave

  • Bio & Background
  • Philosophy and Influences - Why the question of "Millennials in the Workplace" is important.

The Three Elements

  • Physical & Emotional Safety
  • Satisfaction
  • Connection

Physical and Emotional Safety

  • The importance of Psychological Safety - to be able to be open, vulnerable and make mistakes without the fear of judgement.
  • Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


  • Starting your day in a positive way. Both at home and at work..
  • The 10-5 Rule: When you're within 10 feet of somebody greeting them and smiling.
  • Making the time to reinforce those connections.
  • Negativity Bias: We're five times as likely to notice and dwell on the negative.
  • We're actually born with five times as many neurons that are wired for negativity for every one that's wired for positivity and opportunity.
  • Doing positive things at work sets the tone for happiness and productivity.


  • The keys to creating productive relationships:
  • Attachment
  • Relatability
  • Authenticity
  • Vulnerability
  • You can do little things that don't take a lot of time. A simple text of gratitude, appreciation or kindness.

Managing Stress

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing & exercise
  • Focusing on your strengths.
  • Catch people doing something right!

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About Dr. Dave Schramm

Known as “Dr. Dave” on campus and across the country, Dave Schramm is a professor and family life extension specialist at Utah State University in the department of Human Development and Family Studies. He regularly consults and presents for businesses and organizations on topics ranging from positive and happy cultures in the workplace, to flourishing at home.

Dr. Dave has given over 500 presentations, classes, and workshops to a variety of audiences, from professional academic conferences to keynote addresses, to trainings with businesses. Dr. Dave married his high school sweetheart Jamie, they have four children, he loves peanut M&Ms, and the Schramm fam lives in North Logan, Utah.

Episode Transcript
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