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Coaching Insights & Trends with BetterManager Coaches David Andrews & Tommie English (Ep. #75)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 75 - David Andrews & Tommie English

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #75: Meet BetterManager Coaches David Andrews & Tommie English

In today’s persistently challenging business environment, having a thought partner to help reframe feelings and reflect on experiences from a new perspective can be invaluable. At BetterManager, our top-rated community of coaches serve in this all-important role for managers and leaders at every level within organizations all over the globe. 

On this episode, we are joined by BetterManager coaches David Andrews and Tommie English to discuss the latest insights and workplace trends they are seeing from the managers they coach, share why experience is often the best teacher, and provide a unique lens into our approach to 1:1 coaching. 

Join David, Tommie, and Wendy as we discuss: 

  • Directed coaching and how bringing one’s wisdom, professional experience, and education into every coaching relationship can be a game changer. 
  • The “gift” of feedback and how 360 surveys help managers see themselves from all sides
  • Embracing your authentic “whole” self at work and within the coaching relationships
  • Manager burnout and other trends shaping today’s workplaces

Meet David Andrews & Tommie English

David Andrews has been coaching with BetterManager for 5-plus years and has been a coach for nearly a decade. Based in Washington, DC, David works with individuals and teams globally, leveraging his background in international development, banking and finance, communications, and education. David loves the creativity and connection of his work as a coach. 

Tommie English has been with BetterManager for nearly two years and has been a full-time coach for four. Based in Houston, Texas, Tommie has an extensive background in leadership having worked for nearly two decades in the financial services at JPMorgan Chase & Co. She is an executive coach and certified facilitator who works with leaders and individual contributors in organizations to help them have unleash potential and have maximum impact. Tommie is also engaged in several programs that promote women in the workplace helping them to rise and have more confidence in themselves.

Key Takeaways

Why BetterManager’s Directed Coaching Approach is a Critical Tool for Growth:

  • Directed Coaching allows coaches to brainstorm solutions with participants, offering suggestions instead of just asking questions. 
  • Unlike consulting, which provides specific solutions, Directed Coaching is more collaborative; it’s about exploring opportunities rather than dictating next steps. This is why working with a coach who has significant experience themselves can be so valuable.
  • It’s especially helpful for individuals new to manager roles who, as Tommie highlights, often need clear and explicit direction when entering people management roles for the first time.
  • At BetterManager, coaches leverage their full experience, education, and expertise, serving as a thought partner to those they coach. It is why the company’s requirements and standards for its coaches and facilitators are among the most stringent in the industry.

Finding Clarity in Chaos: The Power of Reflection for Professional Growth and Success

  • Self-reflection is a critical part of one’s individual growth. It helps to identify their own biases and blind spots and to understand how they can better support their team members.
  • David suggests that managers should set aside time each week to reflect on their practices and ask themselves questions like, “What went well this week?” and “What could I have done differently?”

Feedback is Invaluable

  • Feedback provides an opportunity to reassess, get a new perspective, gather your thoughts, and formulate a new plan if necessary.
  • At BetterManager, feedback is an invaluable part of one’s leadership and growth journey.
  • In this episode, David, Tommie, and Wendy specifically discuss the role and benefits of BetterManager’s 360 survey.
  • Wendy emphasizes that feedback should be constructive, specific, and focused on behaviors that can be changed. She also stresses that managers should be open to feedback and actively seek it out.

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Episode Transcript
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