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Karen Cornwell: Gender Harmony in the Workplace (Ep.#2)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 2 - Karen Cornwell

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #2: How to Improve Gender Harmony in the Workplace

Diversity doesn't help when it's applied artificially. If you really want more innovation, market growth and engagement, you need to commit to diversity in genuine, productive ways! In this episode, BetterManager co-founder Wendy Hanson welcomes Karen Cornwell, author of You Can't Fix What You Can't See: An Eye-Opening Toolkit to Cultivate Gender Harmony in Business to give you insight into this timely topic.

In this episode, they discuss:

You Can't Fix What You Can't See

  • The focus of Karen's book - illuminating issues of gender harmony in the workplace
  • The problems of labels and separating "men" and "women"
  • The more powerful, community-minded or "we" approach
  • From the Dance Floor to the Balcony

The Gender Piece of the Puzzle

  • Transitioning to the modern workplace

Key Leadership Capabilities

Neuroscience & Leadership

  • Gender differences in the brain
  • BetterManager's Dr. George Woods
  • Neuroplasticity implications for manager coaching

Recruiting and Retention

  • Culture, Communication & Compatriots
  • Gallup/Buckingham 12 Questions

Supporting Men that Support Women

  • Encouraging Male Allies
  • Isolation isn't good for anyone

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About Karen Cornwell

Karen Cornwell is on a lifelong quest to improve innovation and drive top-line growth for Technology Companies. Her experience includes Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Account Management and Business Development with Silicon Valley Companies, like GE, Applied Materials, and AREVA. She has lived it, learned from it, and wants to change the tide for the next generation of technology aficionados. She also believes that diversity is the key contributor to really understanding customer needs. Leveraging our differences becomes the driver to create phenomenal products and services.

Episode Transcript
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