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Kayti Sullivan: Lead More and Do Less! (Ep.#5)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 5 - Kayti Sullivan

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #5: Lead More and Do Less!

Kayti Sullivan is a Senior VP at Yelp and runs Yelp’s customer success team. She is in charge of recurring revenue to the company of approximately $1 billion. Join Wendy Hanson as she sits down with Kayti and they discuss how to “lead more and do less.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

You don’t need to own things to make change. You can lead from any seat on the bus.

Leadership with vision:

  • Where are we going? People need a milestone to be working on. Once a quarter I try to set aside time to think about where we’re going. Chatting with stakeholders is included.
  • Vision for your team and for each individual. Mantra “Give your people a reputation to live up to.” People want to have a high standard and a vision to live up to. As leaders it’s important to be able to see the best potential in people and draw that out of them.
  • Keep the big picture in mind. We are all one small part of an entire system that is working together.

What advice would you give to new managers coming in?

  • The team takes the tone of its leader and always explain the “why.”

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About Kayti Sullivan

Kayti joined Yelp in 2007, starting as one of Yelp’s early Account Executives. From East Coast Sales to European Monetization, Kayti has run a variety of business units and offices for Yelp all around the globe. In 2016, she became VP of Customer Success, running Yelp’s recurring revenue in the Account Management department. Prior to Yelp, Kayti attained her M.Litt in Ancient European Art, and holds a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara.

Episode Transcript
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