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Laura Czys: Brené Brown, Leadership and Vulnerability (Ep.#3)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 3 - Laura Czys

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #3: Brené Brown, and the Value of Vulnerability in Leadership

We're all struggling, trying to find ways of dealing with a modern workplace that is rapidly rejecting outdated command-and-control leadership methods.

BetterManager co-founder Wendy Hanson and seasoned HR Professional Laura Czys dive into Brené Brown's seminal work, Dare to Lead. They'll show you how new methods promoting soft-skills such as vulnerability and trust-building are proving strikingly effective with today's savvy and diverse workforce.

In this episode, they discuss:

Brené Brown on Leadership

  • Brené's groundbreaking work on courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy
  • Dare to Lead, her seminal work on the future of leadership
  • Her rising influence in popular culture

Meet Laura Czys

  • HR Professional background and personal challenges leading her to Brené's work
  • The increasing opportunities to use these tools in the workplace
  • Choosing Courage Over Comfort

Rumble Conversations

  • Working through the difficult and even messy to get to the best way forward
  • The critical importance of Optimism and Fearlessness
  • The value of listening and The Pause

What Does Supporting Your Team Look Like?

  • Identifying what support does and doesn't look like to you
  • Google's Project Aristotle
  • Dealing with the diverse roles of your team
  • Appreciation and Recognition
  • How Better Managers embrace difficult conversations

Vulnerability, Shame and Safety In The Workplace

  • Shame and toxic behaviors such as harassment, gossip and bullying
  • Paint Me a Picture: Creative ways of getting the whole story
  • Marbles in the Jar: How to keep everything in perspective
  • The Trust Bank Account: Building up trust and credibility in advance creates safety for tough conversations

Recognition vs Appreciation

  • Informal Call Outs
  • The Appreciation Circle
  • Building trust by encouraging authenticity

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About Laura Czys

Laura is a seasoned HR professional with more than 14 years of experience working for government institutions as well as spin-offs and unicorn start-ups. Her specialties include developing hiring and onboarding programs, understanding and educating on engagement and retention and providing coaching to managers. She recently received her Master’s from the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois and is a Brené Brown super fan, finding that practicing vulnerability in the workplace positively influences her interactions with colleagues and coworkers, making challenging, impactful situations easier to navigate.

Episode Transcript
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