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Robert Gillette: How to Attract and Develop the Right Millennials for Your Business (Ep. #11)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 11 - Robert Gilette

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #11: How To Attract And Develop The Right Millennials For Your Business

Hiring the right Millennials is a huge challenge. Today we zero in on a Self-Selection Solution: How to project a clear vision of “WHY Millennials would want to work for you” and “Why they would NOT want to work for you” - so that the right ones choose you.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Meet Robert Gillette

  • Bio & Background
  • Philosophy and Influences - Why the question of "Millennials in the Workplace" is important.

Setting Up Great Self-Selection

  • Getting clear on your company with 2 important questions.
  • Why would anyone - especially Millennials - want to work for you?
  • Why would someone - especially a Millennial - NOT want to work for you?
  • Pushing these messages early in the process, so that right people self-select in... and out.

Making Your Core Values Matter

  • Your Core Values cannot be something you put on the wall. It must be central to how you do business.
  • Endsight's Core Values that have led to better success with Millennials:
  • Hiring the whole person.
  • Being proud of your work, while understanding the difference between pride and arrogance.
  • Taking the long view. Looking for value today and also value for tomorrow and for years later.

Why Would A Millennial Want To Work Here?

  • Competing with well-known, larger companies (like Google or Facebook) for talent.
  • Putting the candidate first.
  • Explaining the difference between the opportunity and what they might think the opportunity is.
  • Millennials value development - Making their development an organizational priority.
  • S-O-L Cycles
  • Giving Millennials career opportunities to "pivot".

Culture and Collaboration

  • Encouraging small, connected groups for mutual support and encouragement.

3 Takeaways

  • Know yourself well enough. "Be the kind of person you want to marry, and the person you want to marry will find you."
  • Know what is important in a candidate. You must have informed criteria regarding more than just technical/professional skills. Again - hire the whole person!
  • "No one wants to be the bridge you cross over to make money." You have to be invested in their success or why should they be invested in yours.

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About Robert Gillette

Robert has experience as an IT employee, a middle manager, and business owner in more industries than he’d like to admit. He is currently an executive at Endsight, which has been serving local businesses of all sizes since 2004 and is one of the highest quality Outsourced IT providers in California.

Robert is happily married with two children, and a SF Bay Area native.

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