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Scott Friedman: Creating Engaged Cultures (Ep.#6)

The BetterManager Team
Building Better Managers Podcast Episode 6 - Scott Friedman

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #6: Creating Engaged Cultures

We all know how important employee engagement is. Engaged employee are statistically more productive and stay longer, meaning less waste due to turnover.

Yet most organizations struggle to identify simple, practical methods for inspiring and motivating their teams!

BetterManager co-founder Wendy Hanson talks with Scott Friedman about Scott's GPS system - Gratitude, Play & Surprise - and how you can use the principles in your organization right away to create a more dynamic, highly-engaged, productive workforce.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Meet Scott Friedman

  • Speaker, Author, Humorist
  • The importance of celebration

Turning On Your Own GPS System


  • Making sure employees aren't always expecting bad news
  • Post-It Parties
  • Acknowledgement Circles


  • You've got to be able have some fun and enjoy your work!
  • How Zappos uses balloons and much more
  • Wine, Wow & Whine Fridays


  • The problem with celebration & play becoming institutionalized and stale
  • How to keep your celebrations fresh and effective
  • Creating emotional connections with truly original and personal surprises

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About Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman is a Certified Speaking Professional and former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA). An internationally sought after professional speaker, author and motivational humorist, Scott inspires and entertains with engaging, interactive and content-rich programs. Scott’s main areas of expertise are employee innovation & engagement, customer experience, sales motivation and creating a happier, more connected workplace and life.

His international clients include Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Government, Gold Fields of South Africa, Young President’s Organization, Hyatt Asia, OCBC, HSBC and many Fortune 1000 companies.

Episode Transcript
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